Al and Jo in 2008

Al managed, after five years and much whinging, to get his PhD and should now be addressed as "the clever one out of Al and Jo". But not in Jo's hearing. He celebrated by wearing an outfit that would not disgrace an African tribal leader on his coronation day. His work has lead to some computer programs for blind people that are very big in, erm, Poland.

Al and Jo attended many weddings, but have none yet scheduled for 2008. We appeal to all our as-yet-unmarried friends to pop the question, since we love weddings. 2008 is a leap year so women should not feel any hesitation at taking the lead if necessary. We are quite free all year as yet, and Al promises not to end up in Accident and Emergency again.

Jo celebrated her 30th Birthday in style with a jolly circus-themed knees-up. Guests included a pantomime horse and an elephant. She hopes her next ten 30th Birthdays will be as jolly.

Jo directed a fantastic Bollywood version of Gilbert and Sullivan's THE MIKADO, featuring an elephant, beautiful sari-clad women, frenetic Bollywood dancing, and a shaven-headed Al wearing nothing but a loincloth and blue paint. Anything to steal a scene.

Jo's career goes forward in leaps and bounds, as Government tax revenues (below projection again for 2007) clearly demonstrate.

We also went on holiday and had a new bathroom, but really, who cares?

Jo appeared in a play called THE YEAR AFTER THE FAIR where she played an old feminist harridan. After being cast as a renowned teenage beauty the year before she wonders who on the casting committee she upset so. A tax inspector, perhaps?

Finally we managed to produce a show of our very own, the wonderful but very very hard work INTO THE WOODS by Stephen Sondheim (and James Lapine). Now we are big shot producers we hope to be writing to you next year from Broadway. Cigars all round!

Al's hair, while continuing to recede, provided considerable amusement this year.

Jo and Al took full advantage of the decorations at Jo's 30th Birthday Party. And the champagne.

Jo's Bollywood MIKADO featured dozens of lovely young women in beautiful saris, but this is our round robin so you're getting another picture of Al.

The one with the PhD is on the right. Honestly, isn't that the campest thing you've ever seen? The 100,000-word, never-to-be-read thesis includes test data on the usability of a Texan escort service website...

Jo gets in touch with her peasant roots on Dress Down Friday. OK, it's our production of INTO THE WOODS. She is about to be crushed by a Giant. Ahhhh!