Stulia Wedding

Smart Al

Al and Jo smart

Jerm Penny Jo Al smart

Attacking the cake

Kill the cake!

Snog over cake

Embrace over cake

Stu, you're so masterful with the cake

Hah! Cake goes down!

Cut the cake

Al thinks

Jo with veil

Jo and Al closeup

Katy closeup

Wedding Cake closeup


Jim Al Richard pontificate

Isabella and Bernard repose


Jo elegant seated

Jerm and Penny

Jim and Caroline

Richard hilarious

Richard and Lou closeup

Holker fingers

Claire and Katy

Penny and Al getting funnier

Jerm thoughtful

Holker lets Ben into the know

Al grows balloons

Ben and Justin at table

Ben and Justin plot

Jeremy All Arty

Julia prepares to dance

Dancing 1

Dancing 2

Dancing 3

Dancing 4

Dancing 5

Dancing 6

Dancing (snogging)

Dancing 8

Julia and chum

Julia and close chum

Al funks down corridor

Isabella and Bernard plan balloon mayhem

All dancing


Funking 2

Much funking

Funking 3

Funking 4

Funking 5

Funking 6

Funking 7

Funking 8

Funking 9

Funking 10 Stu's Dad

Al is grim

Funking 11

Funking 12

Funking 13

Funking 14

Funking and singing

Funking Jim

Al pouts

Helen Justin Bernard and lots of hair

Penny and Richard

Funking 15

Funking 16

Al and Bernard thoughtful

Caroline and Jim thoughtful

Al's body expands

Ben getting jolly

Penny does The Face

Alison expresses herself

Jo grins

Married men